Ways to Beat the Bloat

Sitting at Starbucks now and I couldn’t feel worse.

After a cup of their Signature Hot Chocolate, I started feeling REALLY bloated, and still am now despite trips to the toilet.

I get bloated pretty frequently, even after eating a simple meal could make my stomach swell like no one’s business!

So here we go, some tips to beat the bloat in your belly and to ease the discomfort!

  1. Eat foods rich and high in potassium, water content and fiber

    Such as watermelon, nuts, bananas, strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe, grapefruit, pineapples, mangoes, spinach and cucumbers.

    Potassium helps to regulate the fluid balance in your body, while foods high in water content help to flushes out waste, excess water and toxins out of your body.

  2. Don’t drink through a straw

    This I discovered as my own as I realised when I consumed my drink from a straw, I swallowed a lot of excess air that made me uncomfortable throughout the day. If you have your drink in a cup, just skip the straw and drink straight. 

  3. Go easy on the starches!

    Eating starchy foods like bread and pasta causes you to retain water fluid.

  4. Cut down on sodas and alcohol

    This would be a no-brainer. All the gas from those cans of fizzy cola and all would definitely cause you to bloat without a doubt. Skip them and drink good ol’ water instead.

    Alcohol, on the other hand, can irritate and erode the stomach lining. This causes the stomach to be more vulnerable to stomach juices and also the stomach wall lining to thin, making it harder to digest food. Too much alcohol also makes you hungrier, causing you to reach for food when you don’t really need it.

  5. Consume lesser sugar substitutes

    Some people have problems digesting artificial sweeteners and this can cause bloating and diarrhea. If you need something sweetened, add a spoonful of raw honey or use real sugar instead.

  6. Massage your abdomen

    Applying pressure to your abdomen would help evacuate gas. Press your fingers near your hips, slide up towards your ribs, across and down near your colon area in a circular motion.

    Weird but I think it works!! 


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